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State-of-the-art-technology at the service of business in a tough situation worldwide

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected absolutely all areas of our lives, and businesses are particularly acutely aware of all these changes.

MBA is here to help its clients and assure smooth call-center operations. For that purpose, MBA has state-of-art technology voice robot.

At the end of last year, MBA Indonesia completed a pilot project to use a virtual voice operator. «Thanks to the implementation of AI in our work, we were able to process a larger volume of cases, reduced the response time to less than 1 second. In addition, we checked how well the AI can respond to our clients ‘ requests and answer – the results were quite good. More than 90% of conversations were held with the confidence that the communication was with a human operator. AI ensures complete confidentiality of data and is trained to comply with the law in conversation, this is 0% of complaints from debtors,» said Wihantoko, the President Director of MBA Consulting Indonesia.

MBA Consulting Philippines entered the project in February and has already started to use the system.

Since February, MBA Consulting in Indonesia and the Philippines have quickly implemented a set of measures that reduce the likelihood of negative consequences of the new virus, and employees have been prepared for the transfer to an online format.  The Philippines office is already working remotely, and the system is being finalized in Indonesia. All employees connect to their workplace via a secure communication channel. This option absolutely excludes any leakage of personal data: there is no possibility to copy any information and distribute it.

«MBA is ready to provide a smooth operation: companies are technically prepared for the remote format. And the virtual voice operator is one of the most relevant solutions for ensuring business continuity,” summed up Wihantoko.

“We are planning to use AI even more actively in our work. In the situation, when there is a large load on communication channels due to the transition to remote mode most of businesses and not all of them can quickly transform, our virtual voice operator will provide 100% uninterrupted business processes. This will be a game changing development in Philippine Third Party Collections and will surely level up our services provided not just to our clients but to our “client’s clients”, commented John Mangalindan, the CEO of MBA Consulting Philippines.

MBA Consulting can not only support the processing of existing portfolios but is also ready to increase the volume of work.


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